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Classroom Routines

All Foundation Phase classes carry out activities in focused, independent, COOL and outdoor learning groups:


Focused Groups:

Pupils work with adult support to complete a focused task indoors or outdoors.

Nursery - Groups of up to 4 pupils

Reception - Groups of up to 6 pupils

Year 1 - Groups of up to 8 pupils

Year 2 - Groups of up to 10 pupils


Independent Group:

Pupils work independently, without adult support to complete tasks set.



COOL Group:

Pupils work independently to 'Choose Our Own Learning' in the enhanced and continuous provision. 'Must do' and 'Try to' challenges are set in areas linking to pupil suggestions from weekly and fortnightly pupil voice sessions. Challenges with a smiley face are challenges that must be completed during the week/ fortnight.


Pupil voice suggestions are recorded on post it notes and displayed on the class pupil voice display. Pupil suggestions are then adapted into challenges and recorded on the enhanced provision planner. If an area is closed, a cross is represented and areas that do not have a challenge, have a C for 'continuous'.

Outdoor Learning Group:

Pupils participate in 'Plan, Do, Review' sessions in the outdoor area. Challenges are set linking to suggestions made by pupils during the pupil voice session.

Monitor Jobs


All pupils have the opportunity to take on the role of classroom monitor. This enables pupil to improve independence and to take on responsibilities.

Visual Timetable 


All Foundation Phase classes have a visual timetable that can be referred to daily. Pupils are aware of their plan of the day.