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Pupil Voice sessions are planned for weekly/fortnightly within the Foundation Phase classes. Pupils are shown a stimulus (story, video, poster, virtual visitor) linking to their topic and are encouraged to make suggestions of what challenges they would like to complete in the areas of provision the following week.


Pupil suggestions are recorded on post it notes and then displayed on the class pupil voice display. Pupil suggestions are adapted to include challenge and to link to work that has already been covered, this then enables the pupils to independently practice skills that have already been taught.


The 'Must Do' and 'Try To' challenges are displayed in the areas within the classroom. Observations are then made by members of staff using the 'See-Saw' app. 

I Wonder...


All topics begin with an 'Immersion Day'. During the immersion day, teachers provide a variety of creative, stimulating and engaging activities for pupils. Whilst immersed in these multi-sensory activities, pupils are given time to reflect and think about the experiences their new topic could provide. Pupils decide what they would like to learn about and what they skills they would like to develop during the topic, using the sentence starter 'I wonder...'. Teachers share the planned curriculum skills with pupils and they decide on the context for the skills they will be developing. This gives pupils a sense of empowerment and helps them to engage with the learning experiences. Pupils also have the opportunity to respond to their 'I wonder...' questions throughout the topic.



I Wonder...



Pupil voice is at the heart of Coety Primary. We consult pupils regularly when considering changes within the school. Pupils are asked for their views and opinions before making any decisions within the school. These are usually carried out using a 'Google Forms' questionnaire.